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Carton Packing Line Equipment Show

The automatic case packaging line including carton erector, packer machine, carton sealer ,strapping machine, conveyor system and palletizer.

Case Erector

By efficiently and consistently erecting boxes, case erector equipment can increase box opening efficiency and save labor

Case Packer

By packing products quickly and efficiently, case packing equipment allows you to be more productive and save time

Case Sealer

Case sealers provide consistently reliable case closures to meet production demands and ensure product safety

Strapping Machine

Strapping machines are packaging machines that use plastic bands that are wrapped around a package of goods and fastened together to secure it.


The robot palletizer can improve the efficiency of palletizing and place the packaged cartons on the pre-arranged pallet

Packing Line

We can customize complete case packaging solutions according to your needs, such as carton size, packaging efficiency

We are the best case packer machine provider


Yes Pack is a leading supplier of case packing machines in Hunan, China; to meet the high-quality demands of global customers, we have established a professional manufacturer of modern manufacturing terminal packing equipment and R&D.

After years of practice, we have nearly 30 varieties and 6 products, including carton forming, sealing, shrinking, bundling, palletizing, packaging, and conveying. Yes Pack’s products have passed the European CE certification.

Yes Pack proudly serves a wide range of detail markets, including auto parts, food, beverages & spirits, hardware, electronics, chemicals, personal care, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and many more.



Want to know more reasons to choose us?

We will help you to assemble the case packer machine

The case packing machine is easy to operate, efficient in production and widely used

The case packer machine assembly operation is very simple; it is easy to start.

To make your operation more convenient, before the case packaging machine is shipped, we will adjust all the values of the packer machine and attach an electronic packaging assembly instruction and operation instruction video.

If you have any packaging assembly questions, you can call our technical support team, and we will guide you step by step to assemble and operate the case packaging machine.

2023 New Case Packer Machine Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day

How to customize the complete case packing line

If you want to have a private custom complete case packing line, you need to tell us the following 5 main questions right away:

Packaged products

Find the suitable packaging machine for your product; for example, there are different case packing machines for chemical and baby pacifiers. 

The design and size of the packaging carton

Depending on the design and size, the machine model you choose to pack varies.

The area of the venue

According to the actual area of your site, it will be suitable for you to put several packaging machines to optimize the area utilization rate. 

When to use

If you plan to purchase a case packer machine, please buy it 3 to 4 months in advance, because in addition to the production time, there is also the impact of changes in the transportation environment.


We will choose the most cost-effective products for you according to your budget.

Case packaging machine efficiency requirements

According to your company's annual output, what is the efficiency requirement of the case packer machine?

How to choose the best control way?

Choose your market

What kind of products do you need to pack? we want to provide you with the most helpful information, so you can make a self-educated purchase knowledge that will satisfy your specific needs


The packaging automation machine can quickly and accurately carry out up and down and pack strong seals at the four corners, making food transportation safer.


The case packing machine is stable and safe, with a low error rate to avoid packaging waste.


Medical products require a sterile environment during the packaging and boxing process, and the use of machines can both produce efficient production and maintain product sterility, which is safe and secure.


The case packing machine is easy to operate, can be fully automatic, or can be combined with manual and automation, reducing production labor costs and efficiently improving productivity.


Rugged and durable, with a small footprint, the case packer is manufactured 24/7 and ready to start your plastic hardware business after purchase.


It can meet the packaging of different e-commerce product sizes and specifications, quickly and continuously package to meet the production needs of fast-moving products.

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Case packer machine FAQ

We want to provide you with the most helpful information, so you can make a self-educated purchase knowledge that will satisfied your specific needs

What should you know before purchasing an case packer machine?

Case packer machine shipment and operation

Still have some questions?

2023 New Case Packer Machine Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day

Our service

YES PACK primary mission is to provide excellent case packer machine solutions at the most affordable costs. Still, we also give our clients a variety of specialized services to help them grow their expertise and get the best buying experience.

Complete solution

From the moment you start consulting products, we patiently provide you with help, a one-stop service, and the packing machine can easily reach your home.


Yes Pack can be an OEM factory for your brand, allowing you to promote your product brand better.

Technical support

Yes Pack provides 24/7 online service, one-to-one engineer, technical business service, etc.

Shipping Arrangement

Yes Pack can provide sea and air freight services from China to overseas customers; we have had a stable cooperative freight forwarding company for nearly 10 years.

Any further questions? Very welcome to ask Yes Pack technical support and sales team. We will do our best to help you to make your case packer machine work successfully

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What makes Yes Pack the leading case packing machine factory in China among thousands of case packing machine manufacturers? Let’s hear what our overseas customers say?

Yespack’s team will always keep improving our skills to offer the most professional solutions for our customers

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As the leading case packer machine supplier in China, Yes Pack has a 5000SQM production area in their case packer machine factory. Always providing a quality case packer machine. Some of our partners are

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Professional case packer machine manufacturer

Ensuring the availability of spare parts is important for minimizing downtime. Check if the supplier provides easy access to spare parts or offers support for replacements.

The maximum production capacity varies depending on the specific machine model. It’s essential to match the machine’s capacity with your production requirements.

Yes, many case packing machines are designed to handle a range of case sizes and types. Ensure that the machine you choose is compatible with your specific packaging needs.

Case packing machines can vary in automation levels. Determine whether you require a fully automated machine or if a semi-automatic one would suffice for your operations.

Changeover time refers to the time it takes to switch the machine between different case sizes or product types. Shorter changeover times can improve efficiency and flexibility.

Understanding the maintenance requirements and frequency can help you assess the machine’s upkeep and associated costs.

Training is essential for your operators to effectively run and maintain the case packing machine. Inquire about the training programs offered by Yes Pack.

Safety features are crucial to protect operators and prevent accidents. Ask about the machine’s safety measures and compliance with industry standards.